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Wedge Table

Wedge Table

" Delicate and essential lines.
Every detail is deeply studied. "

Materiality and minimalism are the key elements of this table that embodies the typical uniqueness, beauty and elegance of marble.

Wedge table consists of a monolithic base with a tapered shape, where an important top rests. The lines are delicate and essential and every detail is deeply studied.

Thanks to its linear shape, the Wedge table fits any type of environment, enriching it with the always different and unique designs and shades of color that only marble has.


It is possible to reduce the weight to the minimum working both on the top and base of the table.

The top can be hollowed and a wooden support recessed in, while the leg can be emptied. In this way, the table would also be easier to move.


130 x 130 x h 75 cm

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